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We use cookies to help improve your experience at This cookie policy is part of Anyscript Ltd’s privacy policy and covers the use of cookies between your device and our site. We also provide basic information on third-party services we may use, who may also use cookies as part of their service, though they are not covered by our policy.

If you don’t wish to accept cookies from us, you should instruct your browser to refuse cookies from, with the understanding that we may be unable to provide you with some of your desired content and services.

What is a cookie?

When you visit a website, a small amount of data known as a cookie is stored on your device. Cookies typically contain information about the website itself, a special identifier that enables the website to recognize your web browser when you return, additional data that the cookie needs to function, and the cookie’s expiration date.

In order to access some features, like logging in, track site activity, record user preferences, like timezone and notification preferences, and to personalize your content, like advertising and language, cookies are used.

“First-party cookies” are typically cookies that are placed by the website you are currently viewing and exclusively track your activity there.

“Third-party cookies” are those placed by other websites and businesses (i.e., third parties), and they can be used to follow you across different websites that also utilize the same third-party service.

Types of cookies and how we use them

Essential cookies

A website’s fundamental functions, such as user logins, account management, shopping carts, and payment processing, are all made possible by essential cookies. To make certain features of our website functional, we employ necessary cookies.

Performance cookies

Performance cookies are intended to track your visit’s behavior on a website without obtaining any personal data about you. This data is typically anonymous and aggregated with data gathered from all site visitors to assist businesses in better understanding visitor usage patterns, identifying and diagnosing any issues or errors that users may encounter, and formulating better strategic plans to enhance their audience’s overall website experience. The website you’re viewing (first-party) or third-party services may set these cookies. On our website, we employ performance cookies.

Functionality cookies

Functionality cookies are used to gather data regarding your computer and any settings you may have made on the website you are viewing (such as language and timezone selections). Websites can provide you tailored, improved, or optimized content and services using this information. The website you’re viewing (first-party) or a third-party service may set these cookies. To enable certain functions on our site, we employ functionality cookies.

Targeting/advertising cookies

To decide whether promotional content is more relevant and acceptable for you and your interests, targeting/advertising cookies are utilized. They may be used by websites to deliver relevant advertising or to cap the frequency of advertisements you view. This aids businesses in raising the caliber of the content you are exposed to and the success of their marketing. The website you’re viewing (first-party) or third-party services may set these cookies. You might be followed on other websites that make use of the same third-party service thanks to targeting or advertising cookies placed by third parties. This kind of cookie is not used on our website.

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